NormaTec Recovery Boots

NormaTec Recovery Boots services offered in New Braunfels, TX

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NormaTec Recovery Boots services offered in New Braunfels, TX

NormaTec recovery boots squeeze your legs to prevent fluid buildup and improve your mobility. Elisa Guillen, DC, and the team at Elite Chiropractic & Wellness in New Braunfels, Texas, can teach you to use NormaTec recovery boots properly to reduce the swelling in your legs and speed up your recovery after a workout. Call Elite Chiropractic & Wellness or schedule an appointment online to find out if you can benefit from NormaTec recovery boots today.

NormaTec Recovery Boots Q & A

What are NormaTec recovery boots?

NormaTec recovery boots are a specialized type of compression wear. You wear them on your feet and calves to improve circulation and flexibility while optimizing tissue repair and recovery. These boots can give you a competitive advantage if you’re an athlete and help you recover from athletic injuries. 

These boots go beyond the abilities of typical compression wear because they inflate. The inflation slowly works up your legs, placing increased pressure on your tissues from the bottom up. The effects of wearing NormaTec recovery boots are similar to a deep tissue massage, and the sensations are comparable too. 

When you remove your NormaTec recovery boots, your legs feel lightweight and relaxed. Most of the benefits you gain from NormaTec recovery boots are immediate. 

How do NormaTec recovery boots work?

NormaTec recovery boots use a pulse massage pattern, which involves three techniques:


NormaTec boots use a pulsating mechanism to pump blood, simulating how blood naturally pumps through your body. 

Distal release

The distal release mechanism in NormaTec recovery boots prevents the boots from placing pressure on your legs for too long, which can have a negative effect. This allows for rest time between the boots’ compression cycles. 


The lymphatic vessels in your legs have a system of valves that open and close to carry fluid upward. The gradients mechanisms in your NormaTec recovery boots assist the valves in carrying blood and fluid upward, preventing them from accumulating in your legs. 

What are the benefits of NormaTec recovery boots?

The Elite Chiropractic & Wellness can tell you if you can benefit from using NormaTec recovery boots. You might benefit from using them for athletic recovery or to prevent fluid buildup in your legs if you’re pregnant or have poor circulation in your lower limbs. 

The benefits of using NormaTec recovery boots are:

  • Reduced leg swelling
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Faster athletic recovery
  • Faster tissue repair
  • Pain-free treatment
  • Lower lactate levels in your blood

Using NormaTec recovery boots is safe as long as you use them according to the team’s instructions. The team may recommend using them alongside other chiropractic therapies like cupping, chiropractic adjustments, and myofascial release. 

Call Elite Chiropractic & Wellness or schedule a treatment consultation online for more information on NormaTec recovery boots today.